database system design

On-line Sites & Premises Database.

This is a demonstration of an on-line database designed using a combination of PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS & JavaScript.

The data is held in a MySQL relational database which resides on a remote web server. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) script is used to process instructions and communicate with the MySQL database. All these actions are carried out on the web server (server-side processing) so no software is required on the clients machine except for a standard web browser such as MS Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and an Internet connection.

The output is displayed as a standard XHTML web page on the client machine. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used to maintain a consistent appearance and JavaScript is used to check that forms have been filled in before being sent.

This system demonstrates the use of a user registration system which is used to ensure that only customers who have completed the user registration procedure can access the search facility. The registration process requires a valid e-mail address which is tested by using it to automatically send a randomly generated password which is required to log in.

The database also records the details of each search performed. This information can then be used for analysis if required. Results are displayed as a list from which further details can be accessed by clicking the relevant link. All details are read-only but the user is able to print the results.

To access the system as a user, please use the following link;

>>>> Login as a user.

The system has also been designed so that all database administration can be carried out remotely. Again, no special software is required on the administrators machine except for a web browser and an Internet connection. All of the script and forms are held remotely on the web server. For security reasons the administrator is required to login to the site with a username and password. For data security reasons these are issued directly to the administration team by the main system administrator and can be changes on a regular basis.

Once logged into the system, data can be added, edited, archived or deleted using custom forms. There is also access to statistical reports of database usage and also the ability to perform remote data backups.

To access the system as a user, please use the following link;

>>>> Login as an Administrator.