database system design

On-line Business Directory Database.

This is a demonstration of an on-line database designed using a combination of PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS & JavaScript.

The data is held in a MySQL relational database which resides on a remote web server. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) script is used to process instructions and communicate with the MySQL database. All these actions are carried out on the web server (server-side processing) so no software is required on the clients machine except for a standard web browser such as MS Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and an Internet connection.

The output is displayed as a standard XHTML web page on the client machine. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used to maintain a consistent appearance.

This is currently a 'Read Only' system and does not incorporate user authentication or the ability to update records on-line. These features together with a secure administration layer can be added if required and will work in a similar manner to the On-line Sites & Premises Demonstration Database.

The search facility currently uses selection of classifications from tables. This can be changed to us dropdown lists or by searching for keywords.

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